We provide customized end-to-end data solutions

Now, more than ever, organizations are moving towards data-centric models.  No longer are our colleagues in IT the only ones singing the praises of the power of data and fully integrated information strategies.  We find more and more divisions of business needing data solutions to solve everyday problems.  At the same time, we are seeing more and more IT departments strained because while they're working to provide agile, relevant solutions in a timely manner, they are also taxed with addressing the overarching technology needs of their companies, such as fully modernizing outdated systems.   Something’s gotta give.  Or does it?

Whether you’re a business professional who needs more robust intelligence with greater speed and agility or an IT professional who needs better performance and efficiency, we can help. 

What makes us different?

Individualized solutions

One size doesn’t fit all.  Just as every company is different.  Every data solution is different too.  Although it may seem really sexy to implement the latest and greatest technology, sometimes, it’s not the most cost effective or efficient solution for your business.  We have worked with numerous vendors in hardware, middleware, and software and can help you navigate through the conflicting stories of just what your business needs to be successful and positioned for the future.  

We are vendor neutral.  We don’t get kickbacks or incentives for recommending certain products.  We’ll tell you straight up what we think will work best and what won’t.  No gimmicks.  Just the truth.  Of course, it’s up to you to make the final decision and we will work within your budget and resource guidelines. 


Strategic guidance, tactical expertise or both

Some companies enlist our help to develop their long term strategic enterprise information plans, or roadmaps.  In these scenarios, we meet with key stakeholders in the company to define their current technology state and articulate their ideal future state.  We take into consideration the needs of the business, the constraints of the resources, and provide a tailored solution to position you for success.  Our end deliverable of the strategic phase is a roadmap, which often includes several trailmaps of phased rollouts.  You can take it from there or keep us onboard to rollout the plans. 

 If you’ve already identified your future desired state, goals, and objectives, and find yourself needing help implementing all or pieces of your strategy, we can jump in and roll up our sleeves to help at any phase in the design/develop/deploy process.  Our team of solution architects, data engineers, business analysts and support personnel are ready to help bring your plans to fruition.


Create alignment

No matter where you are in the process, we find most all companies need help aligning their data solutions to their business needs.  New technologies, business processes, and methodologies only work when people adopt them.  We help our clients gain buy in across the organization so they can align their goals to a common vision, instill ownership, and drive usage of new solutions.  How?  By working collaboratively across the organization and involving end users early on in the process.   We work together to determine requirements, use cases, and future capabilities so that at the end of the day, we are not introducing a brand new concept to end users.  Instead, we are executing a mutually agreed upon plan and delivering a solution that meets a real need.


                                                                                             Areas of Expertise

Enterprise Information Management
Modernization Efforts
Performance Tuning
Master Data Management
Meta Data Management
Business Intelligence
Data Mining & Analytics
Data Governance
Data Quality & Stewardship
Data Warehousing
Business Use Cases
Support Documentation
Knowledge Transfer