Founder Bio

Scot McGee is an innovative thought leader known throughout the business intelligence community as a visionary who can not only conceptualize, but also implement his ideas to help companies become more profitable and lucrative with their data initiatives. His unique experience with data information management has earned him the respect of colleagues and vendors alike. He is frequently called upon by partners in data management companies to speak at their conferences and offer his creative solutions across the business intelligence spectrum. His fifteen year plus history in the industry has earned him the reputation of a tenacious yet compassionate leader.

Scot's journey into business intelligence started when he was a child. Lured by the challenge of solving complex puzzles, he quickly discovered he had a natural propensity to see problems from multiple facets, using various strategies and forecasting deep into the future the impact his actions would have. That talent easily morphed into analytics, data management, customer relationship management, then later grew into enterprise data integration. He continued to hone his relationship building skills and has become an extremely effect evangelist across multiple business disciplines.

Throughout his career, Scot has shaped numerous companies by integrating analytical services into core operations from company growth and increased profits. Since starting his own consulting firm, Scot's services have been utilized by several Fortune 100 companies to conceptualize and advocate best of breed strategic analytical roadmap initiatives budgeting over $50M. He continues to team with some of the industry's brightest minds to solve some of the largest data challenges of our time.

Scot brings to the table a highly creative mind supported with natural, raw talent for solving complex business problems and the ability to bring people together with shared commitment and drive for success. He employs some of the best and brightest minds in the business intelligence industry to help his clients articulate their vision and achieve their goals.

He resides in Bellevue, Washington with his wife, three children, two cats, and a dog. In his spare time, enjoys swimming, home renovations projects, and exploring the great outdoors.